Jingle Bell School encourages students from a young age to take the initiative and go where no man has gone before. Their leadership qualities are nurtured through participation in a competitive house system and student prefect ship. As they grow older, their latent abilities as leaders are further fostered through formal training programs in life skills and Adolescent Peer Educators Program. The wellbeing of students is taken care of by the school counselors by creating awareness among them and being available for the students in dealing with their academic, emotional and social issues.A female security personal is always on floor rounds during school hours and female support staff always at guard outside washrooms. The school is always under CCTV surveillance.


A Child Protection Committee has been set up in our school for their safety and wellbeing. It functions to create awareness amongst students and staff about safety measures and policies and strict implementation of the same.

A Workshop on “Being Safe” – cyber safety, sexual harassment, bullying.

Workshop on life skills for primary school on enhancement of social skills through two short movies “Joy of giving” and “Scrap Library” on 2018 in JBS wherein life skills like empathy, respecting others, team work, sharing were propagated.

Workshop on Bullying was conducted for the students of Grade IV – V. The students were made to understand the concept of Bullying; its psychological and physical effects on the person being bullied and how it leads to many other issues in a person’s life like depression, low self-confidence, poor self-concept.

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